35 Beautifully Animated Photographs a.k.a. Cinemagraphs

What do you get when you mix a fashion photographer, and a master of animation? If you said beautiful gifs, then you are 110% correct! Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg have teamed up to bring us beautiful animated photographs, a.k.a Cinemagraph. These Cinemagraphs are more than a picture, but not quite a video. Their main goal is to visually illustrate a short story. To give you a comparison, think of the magical newspaper from the movie Harry Potter.

Now you are probably scratching your head and thinking how in the word are these different from a GIF(Graphics Interchange Format)? An animated .gif is usually a sequence of stills pulled from a video, combined together and repurposed into a .gif. Cinemagraphs are different because Jamie and Kevin use a single photograph while adding a living moment within it. The process takes many hours of manual editing. If you wish to know how it’s done, check out the following articles:

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How jamie beck and kevin burg create their popular animated gifs

These gifs have been attracting attention like crazy in the last few weeks, we respect this art form and would love to share it with the world! Today we have collected some of the best gifs that Jamie and Kevin have created! For more inspiration visit Jamie’s Tumblog”>

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