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 | A platform showcasing the lifestyle of the Millenial African Gentleman Above the Status Quo ||

ABOVAV is a MINDSET –  A mindset of constantly reaching beyond the “average”, setting the bar high, and pushing the status quo in all areas of Our Lives.
Abovav.com is also the Digital Blog for our Sister company, “Abovav Visage” . A New York-based 360 degree Lifestyle branding company, specializing in Men’s Lifestyle Branding . Our philosophy and goal is simple: Above The Status Quo. Not just in looks but help Personal brands and Business brands reach higher levels of confidence in themselves, products and services – thereby pushing past the norm, becoming Leaders and setting the bar high in all areas of their lives! We’ve worked with thousands of clients from all over the world and various walks of life looking for a complete change in their image or that extra upgrade in their style/brand to set them apart from the rest. We are not just Brand Consultants – we are Confidantes who assist in strategically building your BRAND and as a result make you “#Abovav

Our Philosophy: “It’s far more important to START, than it is to get it PERFECT, and it is far more important to FINISH than to start.” 

“The 4P’s of Success are to remain – Passionate,Productive,Persistent and Positive.” – Fela Smith


 The Team

Founder/Creative Director

Mr. Abovav


Jay Cartier|Alfred Seyi Savage| Ray Kaniu| Deroju Agoro| Levi Freeman|Nnamdi || Music Editor – Cyrille Dossa |


Jay Cartier;

Business Development and Design

Frederick A; Jay Cartier

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