ABOVAV ESSENTIALS: Summer Sunglasses

As we talk less layers, brighter tones another style fixture to take note of is accessories. With all the summer sunshine that is soon to be upon us, we’re going to want to limit unnecessary blinding and eye squints with the proper selection of sunglasses, particularly if you plan on spending most of your time outside running around town (and we are).

We ran through the gamut of choices and narrowed down a list of a few of the freshest picks of the summer.


These Ray Ban classics, well-renowned for their distinctive design, are a style often duplicated by countless inferior copy-cats. This season, we see the Clubmaster Fleck design outfitted with some fresh new lens options including Green G-15, Green, Blue/Gray, and Brown G-15. These are never a bad choice and will remain relevant for years to come.


The guys over at William Painter offer a unique twist on the classic Wayfarer body by delivering this solid option: The Hook. This style utilizes a titanium body that allows for maximum durability and strength. The Hook not only comes with Japanese Nylon Polarized Lenses, but also a bottle opener on each arm, which essentially makes you low-key the handiest bro at summer cook-outs this summer. If you need a pair that can take the abuse, these are them.


For a label that started off by doing t-shirt designs, they’ve certainly come along over the past several years. Swedish brand Our Legacy comes correct this season that does to justice what they’ve always been known to do: supply some of the best-tailored and most versatile pieces on the market.

The Embrace Cirrus Green is one of our picks due to its unique design and color scheme. Round Rims aren’t going to suit everyone, but if you’re feeling like taking it to that next level, you know where to look.


This offering by Swedish eyewear maker Sun Buddies plays off as an homage to friends and creatives. Its bold and chunky design acts as a quirky nod to some of the more classic silhouettes we’re used to seeing out there.

The Black Type 06, in particular, takes cues from the Wayfarer design by giving it new life with its thick arms and rounded Carl Zeiss lenses. The differentiating factors are enough to make this a superb reiteration that doesn’t bite from its predecessor, but honors it in fine form.


Renowned for their eyewear selections that represent quality in construction and nostalgia in design, Oliver Peoples is one of those brands that can always be looked to for pieces that don’t follow trends, but honor the idea of timeless and classic aesthetics.

For those craving classier, less bulky options, we’re liking the Green M-4 for its elegant interpretation of industrial-era design. Despite its higher-up appeal, these can most certainly be rocked in casual settings, so don’t try to box them into a single-type category. Pair with your favorite summer fits and they’ll tie in better than you think.




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