Adele says “Hello” after 3 years of Silence


Today would be a great day to go through a break up. Mama Adele is back to take care of you.

The world is one giant crying emoji today, joining hands to weep together over the release of Adele’s new song, “Hello,” the first single off her upcoming album 25. The record will be her first since 2011’s 21, which won six Grammys and went platinum 16 times. This is also Adele’s first new song since her Bond theme, “Skyfall,” won the Oscar for Best Original Song.
The song is so Adele-y. And it’s making everyone lose their shit.
“Hello, it’s me,” the ballad begins, as if Adele is actually speaking to us, saying, “Hi, I know y’all have been thirsting for me.” Yes, Adele. We were.



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