Having access to the huge music libraries of services like Spotify and Deezer is great for variety, but it also adds complexity when all you want to do is hit play and go. The Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Moment is designed to solve this exact problem. On one side of its detachable controller, you’ll find a touch-sensitive oak panel providing basic controls, while the opposite side holds a circular physical control and a touchscreen, which you use to access its signature feature: the MoodWheel. When connected to one of the aforementioned online services, you simply touch a color to play music that matches your mood — red for agressive, blue for chill, and so on — with touches closer to the center playing music you’re more familiar with, and touches on the outer edge letting in tracks you may not have heard. Compatible with the company’s full range of wireless and wired speakers.

 PRICE: $2,800
Source: Uncrate
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