Valencia-based architectural practice Fran Silvestre Arquitectos has designed the Antiguo Reino House project. Completed in 2015, the shop is located on Calle Colón, a busy shopping street in the centre of Valencia, Spain.

This modern Spanish home is set on a typical building of the Ensanche (19th-century expansion) of Valencia. A typology of square urban blocks with chamfered vertices, that generates long and narrow housing units which are lit by inner patios.


According to the architects: “The day area opens towards the main façade of the building, generating a continuous space, defined by furniture gathered within structural elements. The night area opens towards the inner patio of the block. Wet areas are included between both of them and are also lit by the inner patios.


“The contemporary architectural project draws on a permeable configuration by generating a series of continuous spaces which are distinguished by dividing furniture and large sliding doors. The warm tone of the pavement, along with the temperature of artificial lighting, contribute to the spatial character of the house. In order to accent the feeling of amplitude, we seek to respond to the programme with as little fragmentation as possible.”


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