Fancy a Spin? The top car innovations of the future

Get ready – as that future we picture with James Bond-style gadgets is getting closer than you think. As technology thrives so we can communicate more and reduce our carbon footprint, look at the coolest cars making us excited for the future.


Every year, new innovations, events and inventors pop up with a new technological brainwave that may change the face of travel. Check out these bad boys that we could be driving in the future!


The delivery car

Drive through fast food restaurants may seem pretty fast, but Volvo have decided they are just not fast enough – creating a service called ‘roam delivery’, where food delivery workers are summoned to wherever your car may be sitting.

Involving an app called “Volvo On Call”, you can contact the nearest fast food outlet and have the messengers come to your car and deliver the food to you personally.

The process doesn’t just involve food – indeed the beauty of the idea is you can pick up any package, with Volvo carrying out a poll that 60% of Amazon shoppers miss their packages. Here’s a piece of technology that really is set to deliver.


The self-driving car

Much talk about the self-driving car has been floating around for a few years now. However, to incorporate the intricate Artificial Intelligence a self-driving car would truly need is more the pressing issue. Not, say, just leaving the handbrake on. self_driving_car


Excitingly, Google are well on the way to making this a reality – with their driverless car series rapidly gaining fruition, with technology to ‘drift round corners’, and brake more effectively by detecting collisions.

A host of other companies are vying to create the autonomous vehicle, which has been slated, once developed properly, to be “safer than human drivers”. They clearly haven’t seen our exquisite three point turn.









The flying car

The biggy. The Magnum Opus of car technology. So, Doc Brown is driving it, Harry Potter is driving it, when will our turn be next??

A number of concepts and designs and prototypes of the flying car exist already – the most famous example being the PAL-V One, which you can read about here. The Netherlands-based creation is set to use propeller-tech from helicopters in order to catapult the vehicle into the air for good, with new developments popping up all the time.

Richard Branson even brought up the topic of Virgin Flying Cars on his blog, after a chat with an inventive 8-year old at Radio Dubai! With Richard Branson, we’re never quite sure if he’s joking…







The 3D-printed car

3D printing, the art of replicating any object with machinery is set to be an up-and-coming process with manufacture innovations in the future. Shifts in aviation mechanics have already been put in action to use 3D-printers to replicate airplane engines. 3D_printer

The same effect is now said to be put in the works for car technology too, replicating entire vehicles using the process. Using this programme means that sport competitions such as Formula 1 are likely to benefit from having a quicker production of optimal cars for race. Ian Prince, the prototype manager for the Malaysian-owned F1 team has spoken of how much money the industry is set to save on the idea – up to £40,000 a month!

Using extensive metal melting techniques, the UK is set to open its first 3D printing center – meaning the world could very much be our replicated oyster.










The internet car

Back in our day, our idea of in-car entertainment involved a ricketty tape player, and playing the registration plate game on the motorway. These days – 13% of London motorists will most likely be plugged into their iPod whilst driving.

You’ve all seen Pimp My Ride, with televisions embedded where the radio used to be, but in the next ten years, expect new additions to put your novelty air freshener to shame – including embedded Wi-Fi, so you can use the internet as you drive. Car and Driver even predict “In five years, 25% of cars will be connected to the internet.”


The safety car

However, with so many innovations being used to help cars be a more exciting driving experience, a poll composed by Zurich also found that four out of five UK drivers now worry technology is serving as a major distraction. 

As such, developments are always on the way to improve this – such as more emphasis on text-to-speechs service, so drivers can tweet without getting into a spin. Ford Active City Stop is also a system that uses sensor technology to bring attention to your car if it drives over a certain speed, and can even pre-charge the breaks if it detects a collision. If only the characters from Speed knew about this.









Source: Virgin

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