Shaving is a time-honored tradition. From father to son, and grandfather to grandson, most men develop their shaving routine based off those who have passed down this ritual. But some of these rituals leave out key steps or, even worse, cause us to work bad habits into our routine. This is where those nasty razor bumps come in. There’s nothing delightful about them, and we know that, so we figured we show you how to prevent them.


It’s okay to shave first thing in the morning, but you should be aware that there are a few things you need to do before a razor every touches your face. First off, you need to cleanse your pores. The best way to do this is to take a hot shower, making sure to scrub your face. If you’re stretched for time, a quicker alternative would be to use soap and warm water to wash your face. These processes will help soften and remove any grime or bacteria that clogs pores and leads to bumps.


One of the main reasons men get razor bumps is that they don’t properly moisturize their face. All men should use a daily face moisturizer as a general facial care recommendation, but when it comes to shaving, a good pre-shave oil and shaving cream go a long way. Pre-shaving oils add another layer of protection by moisturizing the skin and getting the hair to stand straighter off the skin. The straighter it is, the less likely it is to curl, grow in your skin, and form bumps. Shaving cream is equally helpful. You never want to shave dry, so you should always lather before you shave. Choose a shaving cream at your own discretion, but the best shaving creams are glycerin-based. If possible, avoid benzocaine and menthol, because they both are known to clog pores.


This is the easy part. You know why? Because Bevel has you covered. The best toolsets provide you with the tools you need, regardless of the situation. Bevel’s kit does the same. By providing a priming oil, a badger brush that gently and natural exfoliates, a specifically formulated shaving cream, an alcohol-free restoring balm, and one of the best double edge safety razors, Bevel puts all the right tools in your hand to get the job done. Bump free.


Once the shaving is done and you’re looking your best, all that’s left is rinsing your face off and applying some balm or lotion. At the beginning of the shave, you used warm water to open your pores, right? Well, end with cold water. Cold water closes pores and makes it more difficult for bacteria to get inside. What’s left is a splash of lotion or a smear of balm. Aftershave helps prevent infections, so don’t forget this step.

You no longer have to fret about those pesky razor bumps ruining your face. Just remember these tips and you’ll be able to shave like a pro and get that clean, smoothed-face look you’ve always desired.