Crafted entirely from high-gloss, medical-grade stainless steel, the Iikone Coffee Brewer is as much a sculpture as it is a functional addition to your kitchen. Thanks to its unique, spider-like design, it’s the only brewer around that doesn’t obstruct the filter, resulting in tastier, less bitter coffee that’s even more complex than what you’ll get from a traditional pourover. It comes packaged in a hand-made wooden case, and is compatible with most 6-10 cup filters.

The IIKONE mk1 is the very first pourover coffee brewer with a totally unobstructed filter. This solution allows a brewing process undisturbed by uneven surface tension where the filter touches its support, and makes a proper use of the entire filtering surface. The ultimate result is a more complex, even less bitter brew than is the one produced by classic manual pourover brewers, and fewer nonsoluble particles in the cup.
The brewer is made entirely of high gloss medical-grade stainless steel, CNC cut, machined and polished. It is compatible with popular 6-10 cup round or rectangular filters and conical metal filters.


You can get this Coffee Brewer for $700 at their website, here

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