James Bond Interview by The Trade 006

The latest from Boylston Trading Co. online publication entitled, The Trade, they catch up with UNDFTD’s Co-Owner James Bond in their 006 issue. While the interview is not lengthy, they touch on great topics, mainly focusing on UNDFTD’s past and most recent successes as well as their significant expansion.

We changed lanes for the most basic of business rules: growth. Our business landscape has changed and the majors are going to move with or without you. You have to adapt to these changes. The “sneaker head” so to speak is no longer a viable business model as the true (sneaker) head has become almost non-existent. You have to learn to appeal to the masses in a creative and tasteful way. Converse has allowed us to do just that with the program we are doing with Footlocker. Good product is good product.

Some may argue the point of ‘selling out” as UNDFTD’s original mission is providing a carefully curated selection of footwear and goods in limited quanity, now catering to a larger avenue, partnering with the likes of Footlocker. To view the interview in its entirety, click here.

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