As an interior designer, it is important for me to work in a space that sparks creativity but is also relaxed and professional. I like to know that my team is in a free and inspiring environment conducive to both productivity and creativity, says Kelly Hoppen

When I moved to my new design studio recently from Notting Hill to a completely new location in West London, I thoroughly enjoyed transforming the vast open plan space into an elegant, creative hub. Here are a few design elements I kept in mind during the process:


Lighting is one of the most significant aspects of design in my opinion and I really can’t stress enough how much it can transform a work area plus influence motivation and performance. Too glaring and it becomes uncomfortable but too dim and it can have negative effects and even be unsafe. Try and choose a space with plenty of natural daylight, as this is always best. I complemented the natural daylight from our large open windows with a mix of wall lights, hanging lights and skylights. All of the lights at Kelly Hoppen Interiors are natural daylight bulbs, which make such a difference in winter when it can be very gloomy. I enhanced the effect of the lighting by using my signature neutral taupe and white colour scheme and reflective surfaces such as my stunning Laquer tables.how-to-design-a-creative-space-kelly-hoppen-adelto_17


It is important for your space to reflect who you are and what your company represents, this is why the Kelly Hoppen Studio is a elegant and sleek space. The open plan means that a lot of fresh new projects and ideas will be conceptulised as we are able to communicate openly and keep creative conversations flowing. It was essential for me to create spacious communal areas for people to eat, work, talk and entertain in. I had a large area to work with and because of this I was able to design several little hubs to suit specific meeting types which allows people to move around depending on their requirements. What I love about this is that it has given everyone a different take and perspective, putting clients, customers and companies at ease when arriving at the Kelly Hoppen Head Quarters.








Comfort in the workplace is essential; I ensured the studio was designed in a welcoming neutral colour palette. I added style by subtly fusing the eastern principles of simplicity with a western taste for sumptuous textures and luxurious finishes. It helps to have a workspace with a certain peacefulness and sophistication as this can be instrumental in raising both productivity and relaxation levels simultaneously. I made sure that I included a communal area which features a beautiful, long oak table and stylish yet comfy chairs for team members to sit around. There is a juice bar, two coffee stations and a fully functioning kitchen where the team can cook lunch. I believe mealtimes should be an event and wanted to incorporate a company culture that is popular around Europe whereby they realise the importance of letting the mind top and recoup before the afternoon starts again.


One of my favorite things about this space is the statement lighting which adds a special wow factor to the design It is important to have a space away from the workstation where staff can use as a sort of chill out zone.



Kelly Hoppen Head Quarters features library archive rooms, boardrooms and an amazing design room with hand picked samples and files of all of the pieces any one could dream of for their design process. There is an especially designated design areas for the online store kellyhoppen.com and models and testers adorn the shelves.


I have adorned the new studio with accessories, which many think are limited for use in the home, however as we spend so much of our time in the workplace, I feel that there is a real need to make our work space and just as beautiful as our homes and surround ourselves with gorgeous and inspiring things. I carefully selected some pieces from my online store kellyhoppen.com such as pastel coloured vases and eclectic metallic bowls. Guest and staff are welcomed to Kelly Hoppen furniture upon entrance as I wanted to ensure that it was a showroom space to display all of the gorgeous pieces on offer; showing that we truly live and breathe the brand. It is a fantastic idea to have your work on show in the workplace for staff ad guests alike to admire. These small details show that thought and care have been put into the design process, which is a key point to express when bringing together a creative space.


Images courtesy of Kellyhoppen.com

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