“In the early 2000s, I got fat as shit, man. I had a gut out of nowhere. I was drinking a lot of alcohol and eating a lot of fast food on the road, and one day I looked down and I was like, ‘What the fuck is this, and where the hell did it come from?’ I had to start making better decisions, so I started going to the gym. Being in this Fast franchise, you get tips on how to make your body better. Next thing you know, I had my own trainer, and present-day, I’m all the way on-point, man.

“On Fast Five, I started working out a lot more because I was around Vin Diesel and The Rock. They didn’t guilt-trip me, but when we were shooting these movies, you become a product of your environment. ‘Be the hardest worker in the room’—that’s what both of them would tell me. Vin Diesel’s trailer had a gym in it, and he was fine with my trainer and me using it. Eventually we’d go in there and work more than he would! And then on Six, that’s when I took my shirt off.

“During Six, I worked out every single day for an entire year. We were filming in London. There were times when I’d fly from the States to London and still find a way to work out that day.

“Now I work out six days a week and take Sundays off. I have a gym at my house. It’s a small and compact space, but we have all the necessary equipment in order to get the job done. I also have TVs in there, and I’m always watching ESPN and then listening to music that motivates me, whether it’s my music that I’m working on, something new that’s out, or rock and roll sometimes—we just switch it up, man.

“I eat clean pretty much six days a week: proteins, vegetables, and healthy carbs, like sweet potatoes. And then on Sunday, I’ll eat what I want. It’s pretty much a rotation of whatever the best hamburgers are in town, the best pizza in town, the best gyros, and I love pasta, like chicken Alfredo—with some garlic bread. And also something sweet, like a piece of chocolate cake.

“Dwayne [Johnson] is the most disciplined person I know. He’s the closest thing we have on this earth to a human being who is like a machine. A real-life superhero. He goes months without a cheat meal. I’m disciplined, but it’s difficult for me to go seven days and not get a damn cheat day. So maybe one day I’ll get to Dwayne’s level. But not right now. I fiend for fucking chocolate.”