Style Guide: 5 Things To Spend Your Money On This Week

1 | Master & Dynamic Headphones & Mic Stand



Billed as the ‘modern thinking cap’, Master & Dynamic headphones are more than just speakers that go over your ears. The New York-based design house has crafted them for the modern office, meaning they fit aesthetically, structurally and sonically. Using materials such as heavy grain cowhide, lambskin and stainless steel, the MH40 headphones are built to last, and last they will. Every part has, however, been designed so it can be replaced, should it ever need to be.

Other features include untangle-able, oxygen-free copper cables (so-used for reduced noise and purer sound) and even a mute button. Earlier this year M&D launched the MM800 boom mic, an attachable unidirectional microphone that works to isolate the voice from environmental noise. If you’re planning on using the headphones for online gaming (or pretending to be a pilot), you’ll need the boom mic.

Master & Dynamic MH40 headphones, £319,

2 | Miansai Bracelet



There is jewellery that it’s ok for men to wear, and there is jewellery that isn’t ok for men to wear. Designs from Miami-based accessories brand Miansai definitely fall in the former category. There’s a vaguely industrial vibe to most of the designs – think fishhooks, screw clamps and anchors) which is masculine enough, but everything is pared-back simple, and devoid of jewels, stones and charms, as men’s jewellery should be.

The offering extends to joyfully simplistic watches, leather goods and even stationery. The thread of rugged refinement that runs through every Miansai collection also has excited for the collection of luggage that’s set to launch later this year.

Gold Screw Cuff Bracelet, £165,

3 | Lou Dalton Baseball Shirt


One of the most exciting young designers in Britain, Lou Dalton’s AW15 collection received widespread acclaim at January’s London Collections: Men. Now, just in time for the summer, Lou’s simplistic approach to knitwear and tailoring is available via her website, It’s a small selection, but our favourite piece has to be this white baseball shirt, which is just the thing for the season. Alternatively, If you want to make a slightly louder statement, then Lou’s ‘Charm’ printed T-shirts are the way to go.

Lou Dalton Baseball Shirt, £185,

4 | Pas Normal Cycling Kit



If like us, you’re a bit of a fair weather cyclist, then you’ll be glad to hear there’s a seriously stylish new kit on the market to give you the impetus to get back in the saddle. Founded last summer, the plan at Danish brand Pas Normal Studios was to offer super-high performance wear that also packed a serious aesthetic punch, and by all accounts they’ve nailed it with the first collection.

Produced in Italy, each piece features fabrics and technologies used by World Tour riders, and in terms of durability, everything is designed to withstand the Northern European climate – perfect for a rainy Sunday on Box Hill, then. “The 2015 collection is based on clean, understated lines with a toned-down but very distinct look that stands out with its attention to detail,” says co-founder Karl Oskar Olsen, “It brought us back to one of our original ambitions with Pas Normal Studios: To make a full range of clothing that had a different look, inspired by aesthetic elements outside of cycling.”

5 | A Bottle of Hennessy 250 Collector’s Blend


When something’s good, it stands the test of time, which is why Hennessy has been one of the world’s leading cognac houses for 250 years. The celebrations, which take place throughout 2015, include the release of Hennessy 250 Collectors Blend. The fusion of carefully selected eau-de-vies from the founder’s cellar, is powerful yet elegant and joyfully spicy thanks to the notes of saffron, nutmeg and dried peppermint.

“Our Collector’s Blend has been created with the utmost precision and expertise – it is an expression of absolute perfectionism and a tribute from the present members of Hennessy’s unique Tasting Committee to their predecessors,” said director general Yann Fillioux.

£360 at Harrods, Fortnum & Mason and Harvey Nichols

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