WellzB:DJBroom “Dollar and a Dream (produced by DJBroom)

WellzB:DJBroom is an Artist out of Englewood, Northern Jersey with a Passion For Creativity and Music. A lot of his Influences come from growing up in a diverse musical background from Jazz to country, 1920’s to electronic, and Gospel to hip hop. Having a diverse upbringing in Music allowed his creativity to span as well as his lyrical content. After Self Teaching himself to play both the guitar and Keyboard, he Jumped into creating his first Musical Project Called “the Undertone Of Silence”. The initial creative process of making songs and learning progression of music was taken up on his Guitar and Vocally Singing. His acoustic guitar style was based off of listening to Artists from Kaki King, to John Mayer, to Andy McKee. After being introduced to hip hop culture and studying the likes of J-Dilla, Doctor Dre, Pharell, Devin the Dude and Ryan Leslie, he is now learning to better blend Sounds, build Instrumentation, and Vocally Match the emotion behind the Lyrics he lays out. He now focuses on bringing experiences, stories, and Enjoying Life through both Sound and Words and Finding the Perfect Blend of Two.

Below is the Official Music Video For his latest release, “Dollar and a Dream”
Shot by Scott D Keenan of W.xy Productions

Listen to more of his songs below:

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