Your Gift > Your Degrees

I think people say I’m a great writer because I’m analytical. If that sounds technical, it’s because I’m a nerd on the low. I studied Computer Science in college. I reduce an experience down to its bare minimum state and thoroughly think it backwards from end to beginning. I consider all perspectives by approaching a scenario from each angle giving it its just due. I then ponder with deductive reasoning and formulate conclusive, easily digestible sentences for my reader’s pleasure and improved quality of life.

Like many of us, I had the right idea but the wrong career.

Today, I’m a writer [among many things] with an established brand, growing companies, employees, bestsellers, awards that won’t fit on my TV stand and a life that allows me to do what I want – all because I submitted to my life’s design and designer. If your personal goals aren’t in line with your purpose, then what are you doing? Don’t waste your talents on the wrong dreams. Because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you should do it. Purpose is often rooted in where your natural gifts are; what fulfills you; what serves others; and what you’d do for free.

Just because you have fans, doesn’t mean that’s your purpose. Because you’ve made millions from it doesn’t mean it’s your purpose. It could be another force pulling you away from all that you’re created to be. Be cautious of what feeds the ego and lean towards what feeds the spirit. Motivation isn’t affected by successes or failures, but by a conviction that surpasses human understanding. Purpose doesn’t always come with a blueprint or paved path. You’ve got to have some faith and do the legwork!

Start walking…then run…and climb.




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